4 Steps to Great Video Production

When you’re watching a video, have you ever stopped to think what went into the production?

Before it is seen in its final form, there is plenty that has gone on “behind the scenes” to ensure what you are seeing looks as good as it does.

Here’s a breakdown of the process to give you an understanding of what comes before the final cut.


Pre Production:

Pre production is the foundation for any video. This is where all the planning is done to make sure on filming day, everyone knows what’s happening.

From scripts, storyboards, locations and props, to how the visual effects will look and ensuring that everything is booked and ready for the shoot, nothing can be missed in this phase. In a perfect world, this is completed well before a shoot, but often, runs right up to shoot day, making sure everything is in place… weather included!

We also provide a basic checklist for clients. It’s important to make sure:

  • The filming area is clean
  • Everything is OH&S compliant
  • People are happy to be filmed (cue model release forms)
  • Logos, fonts and a style guide have been provided
  • They have everything required for the shoot



With all your plans in place, it’s time for production. Often a high energy environment, there lots happening on any filming day. Lighting, cameras, sound equipment and a director making sure things are running to script.


Post Production:

So you’ve had your shoot, and you’ve got all this vision, but what happens now? Well, it’s time to head to the editing suite to bring it together.

Post production is where you see your raw vision turn into what you see on screen. Running to the script, editors cut vision, perform colour grading and sound mixes, and add things like voiceover, music and graphics to make the production come to life.

Clients will be provided with an initial cut so they can review and provide feedback. These edits are made and the final cut rendered and uploaded.



With your video completed, Livewire will now deliver your video in the required format. Formats vary depending on application, but this will have been discussed during the pre production phase to determine if the video is for web, TV, cinema or social media.


There’s more than meets the eye in video production. The final product may be short in length, but you can bet the polished final cut is the result of considerable planning and expertise in execution.

Livewire Productions is an experienced and award winning video production company based in Brisbane who knows how to deliver high quality video productions. If you’re looking to create engaging video content, why not partner with a video production company who can look after you through every stage of the process?