Man vacuuming house for video production

Customer Service From Your Video Production Company

Customer service.

It’s a term that is bandied around so often, and for every business, it means something entirely different. But to deliver good customer service, what does it take?

Many of us want to start looking for the larger items to change, which is great, however, the focus should actually be on the finer detail.

For our business, we believe it comes down to the little things. It is what coaches refer to as the 1%’ers. The tiny acts that you do, whether they are seen or not, that help the greater good of your team, or in our case clients.

For every video, we work closely with clients to create meaningful productions. These vary greatly in their purpose and include TV commercials, corporate videos, promotional videos and videos for inductions, training, events and social media.

This involves spending time getting to know their business and brand and understanding the detail of what they do and how they do it. While our clients are leaders in their industry, they entrust us to utilise our knowledge and expertise of video production (and the media) to unlock ways to market theirs and get their message across.


So how does this apply to good customer service?


We have formed long standing relationships with all our clients. For them, the knowledge that the work will be high quality with an acute attention to detail provides them with great confidence. They also appreciate our ability to achieve quick turnarounds, delivering projects on or ahead of schedule.

While delivering on the designated production is the #1 priority, our clients also entrust us to look for other avenues outside the scope of a project to promote their organisation.

From identifying a media opportunity that suits the brand or business to suggesting a video project to showcase the company from a different angle, there is always more that can be done. For us it’s another chance to provide a greater level of service and add value.

Whatever it is, going that little bit further than what you were asked to do never ends badly.

For over 17 years Livewire Productions has been successfully delivering small, medium and large video productions for clients across a range of industries. While we keep the overall picture in sight, it’s the little things and ability deliver projects on time and on budget that makes a big difference to our clients.

If you’re looking for a video production partner who can present fresh ideas and go beyond what is expected, then let us know.