As a full service video production Brisbane company, we have the capabilities to handle the video production needs of all clients and the industries in which they operate.

If it can be filmed, captured, created or generated, Livewire Productions will provide you with a video production services solution for your preference in Brisbane or wherever you are located.

Whether it be working directly with clients, or an agency operating on a client’s behalf, delivering high quality videos are the cornerstone of our business. Whatever the purpose of the video production, Livewire Productions will deliver eye catching results.

Via our studio in Brisbane, our team provide pre and post video production services for a range of video purposes. From concept to completion we can assist any client with their video needs. Our video services and the style of videos we produce include:


    Regardless of the type of project, developing a concept and script is the foundation to a good video production. Livewire Productions can work with you from scratch, provide input in relation to a script already developed, or take a script provided by you through production to delivery. Whatever your preference, we will work to your requirements.


    Corporate videos are the perfect way to showcase your business. From refreshing your look, launching a new business or product, or telling your company story, we'd love to get into the nitty gritty about your business and culture, to make your organisation stand out from your competitors.


    Promotional videos are the perfect way to highlight what you sell. From products to services, presenting whatever it is your business is selling in a captivating way, will promote your business and help it stand out from the pack.


    If you are seeking engaging social media content for your business, then videos are the perfect way to build your brand or advertise your products. Whether it be a one off video, an ongoing series as part of a campaign, or value adding by using footage filmed from a corporate or promotional video, we can create snippets to support your needs.


    Television commercials, cinema advertising and digital advertising require significant expertise, planning and creativity. Utilising our state-of-the-art equipment, we have the capabilities to create a TVC or cinema ad that delivers to your brief. From small budget commercials, to large scale productions, our team has the knowledge and talent to make memorable and engaging advertisements.


    Ideal for any industry where occupational health, safety and risk are integral to the job, induction and training videos provide businesses with everything needed to ensure that employees and visitors are aware of your safety requirements. Suitable for use internally in an organisation or as part of an external site, videos can also be helpful for training purposes to advance team member skills or introduce new technology.


    From an animated opener through to an advanced 3D production, our post production capabilities can be tailored to suit your needs. From utilising small elements to complement a project, to heavy graphics laden video productions, our team will recommend what’s required to bring your project to life and stimulate your audience.


    Critical for people in the public eye or representing your company, our media and presentation training sessions can add polish to your appearance to ensure you make a confident entrance, stay cool under pressure or handle a sensitive situation. From keynote speaking and major presentations, to presenting to the media, we provide expert coaching, direction and education in areas including appearance, body language, handling the media and how the modern media works. With our cameras rolling, you'll get a first-hand look at how you appear and present when fronting any audience to help you perfect your delivery when the time arrives.


    Virtual reality tours are popular, particularly where a business wishes to offer a life-like experience. In property, users spend 52% longer on listings utilising the virtual tours. Adaptable for use in a range of industries from real estate to businesses, boats to mines, our solutions will give people a different perspective of your product.


    Wanting to capture an awards night, launch event, conference, tradeshow or public speaking engagement? Livewire Productions will capture and film those critical moments and provide a highlights package for you to share! Partner with us to ensure your event is remembered after the party is over.

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