Livewire Productions filming a corporate video

Stand out with a Corporate Video

We get asked a lot about corporate video productions. Obviously, we are a big fan of them!

Today we are looking at everything about corporate videos. What they’re for, how big they need to be, and why you should have one produced to make your business stand out.

What are corporate videos for:

Corporate videos are used by companies to showcase their business, products, services, people and culture. Depending on the intended audience and key messages, corporate videos can be used specifically for internal or external communications, and in some instances both.

How big does the production have to be:

Video productions vary greatly in size and scope, and corporate videos are no different.

Smaller projects utilise minimal crew and only the necessary equipment. Alternatively, large scale productions feature multiple locations, cameras, specialised lighting and cast members.  There is no right or wrong, but there is a video production scale to suit every business and budget.

Why create a corporate video:

Video consumption is rapidly rising, and businesses are now using the medium more regularly to engage with their audiences. While reading text about a business is great, watching a video provides a more engaging experience.

Supporting this, having video on a website can improve the amount and quality of traffic coming to the site. It also allows you to convey a large amount of information concisely. As people spend more time on websites featuring video, it is a great way to build brand engagement while improving bounce and click through rates.

Final thoughts:

There is no limit to what corporate videos can be used for. Developing a plan and purpose is the key to ensuring that the final product matches up with the goals of the business.

From the initial brief and developing the concept including scripting and story boarding, through to the production, editing and supply, Livewire Productions works together with clients through each stage of the process.

Whether you’re telling the story of your business, highlighting a new initiative within the company or creating awareness about your latest corporate social responsibility project, corporate videos are a great way to capture and share more about your organisation.

If you are looking to get your business noticed using a corporate video, contact the Livewire Productions team.